I've done a lot in search for a new hobby: writing, photography, sports, cooking and more. In this journey to finding what I enjoy, I have realised that my passion rests in African heritage. This includes our diverse culture, African literature, politics and pretty much anything to do with the exploration of my roots. I originate from Ethiopia. During the summer holidays, I went back home to see my family. On one of the days I visited my aunt's orphanage and saw the amazing and inspiring work she was doing. I was motivated to extend my passions for my country and continent and to create something meaningful. The largest problem, she told me, was not food, nor heating or clean water. It was stationery.
This took me a couple of seconds to process. This had never struck me previously: how can something so basic be in such high demand with such little supply? Having thought about it most of that night, I resolved in embarking on a project of my own. I will provide stationery for each one of the 52 orphans. This blog is my way of documenting my journey. I can do anything here: photography, videos, writing.... anything! So, welcome to the blog!

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I'm Hannah Esther. This website is a new endeavour of mine that will allow me to document this project alongside many others in the future. After months of planning this website and the projects I will embark on, it is so exciting to be finally writing this. I hope you enjoy browsing through the website and see progresses we make. There's a dual purpose to this website: to document my efforts and to inspire more. These are my two passions and I hope that you take action. 


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This last academic year has been one of the most critical in my life so far. I've just finished year 9 and looking back it was definitely eye-opening, making me look to the future and take things more seriously. I was given the opportunity to travel to Korea unaccompanied by an adult, I've been to Ethiopia and seen the charity work done by my family, I've taken part in events to help reduce the stigma associated with mental illnesses...


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  Humans are simultaneously the best thing and the worst thing that has happened to this planet. As a society, we have seen so much progression in fields such as women's education, increase in tolerance and aspirations for the future. We’re living in a time of change. With the aid of progressions in technology and social media, people are able to express their identity and their culture. Connecting with people around the world and realizing there is more to life than what you see on a daily basis is truly amazing...



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