About the foundation

The primary vision of the organisation is "to see that the rights of children are maintained and they get a better condition of education, health and social services." They help orphans to receive an education with the long-term aim of becoming self-supporting citizens.
It was established in 1991 by my aunt and has since then fostered over 250 children. Originally, the beneficiaries were supported without any second party support apart from friends and relatives. In order to raise funds, Zewditu, the founder of the organisation, sold her two cars and her house, but since then, the organisation have received generous support from FINADO based in Belgium.

The establishment:
Zewditu goes to Sodore, a town near Nazret for the hot holy water baths to help with her asthma. During one of her trips, she met displaced residents of Arbagugu and, seeing that they were tired and in bad shape, offered to take them home. In her home, there were up to 26 children and seven adults who followed her. As the organisation progressed, people brought orphaned and vulnerable children to her home, seeing that she was doing humanitarian work. Unable to deal with the high numbers, Zewditu registered as an NGO to received funds.

The organisation is truly remarkable. I visited the orphanage and saw how polite and happy each individual child was. When I was there all the children came to say hi and I immediately felt a bond and a need to help- as if I was a part of their community. The video below shows a bit more about the charity.