I've mentioned already that this is a huge passion of mine. I really do care about the project and aim to help all the orphans there. I aim to do this in two main ways: donations of stationery and secondly money to buy the stationery. I've started a crowd-funding page on just in case any of you want to help fund the backpacks. I'll leave the link below but I thought that I would write a really short blog post about this, simply because kts a mark of my endeavor's.

Thank you!


I’ve mentioned before how this year has been a year of discovery. I found some inspirational figures such as:


​The sheer amount of action Michelle Obama took as the first lady is not only impressive but admirable. She is strong, empowering, determined and an amazing public speaker. She took so much action as the first lady; the way she used her position makes her an exceptional and smart character. Just how she made such a difference in female education, I want to be able to pursue big dreams and adopt a strong work ethic.


​I’ll be the first person to admit that I have never thought that David Cameron would become one of my inspirations in life. There was a point in my life were I had little care in politics, but the gracious action of stepping down as Prime Minister after the Brexit vote is commendable. It is an example of a politician who truly has the interest of the country as the priority, as oppose to career ambitions and also a demonstration of the value of democracy in our country. His actions at this monumental time in history will result in him being remembered as an amazing Prime Minister.

​A couple of months ago, I was given Karen Brady’s autobiography to read while on the train. I admire her independence from such a young age, using it as an inspiration to drive her forward in life. It is remarkable that she was able to work her way from where she started to the amazing qualified business woman she is today. She displays the importance of realizing and utilizing one’s unique skills to further one’s career.


​From a young age I’ve always loved the royal family, celebrating the Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee as a dedicated citizen of the country. Small things like Prince Harry's outfit at the Royal Wedding led to him being an inspiration. However, he has maintained this status in my mind due to his ability to use his position to draw attention to topics he cares about. Although there have been unfair invasions of privacy from the media, he continues in his efforts, getting as much press as possible on huge topics. His achievements before reaching the age of 35 are outstanding.

Haile Gebrselassie is a new inspiration of mine. He comes from my home country of Ethiopia and I met him by coincidence during me holiday to Ethiopia! Through his sporting achievements, he was able to change the negative connotations and stereotypes associated with Ethiopia. I’ve always



grown up hearing his name, and when meeting him I have seen his grounded genuine fondness for his country. His legacy also reminds me that one should always keep going to see a change in anything they care about.


My final inspiration has to be Michael Bloomberg. He created the company which has proved to be so significant to my life.  The scale of his achievements are amazing- he created a global company. I love the way he integrates charity and is an advocate for supporting the work of young artists. His values are strong and respectable.


I could write a lot about all of them and how they have all impacted my life. But I just wanted to tell you a bit about me, this last year has been so changing and I'm so excited for the next academic year!


Humans are simultaneously the best thing and the worst thing that has happened to this planet. As a society, we have seen so much progression in fields such as women's education, increase in tolerance and aspirations for the future. We’re living in a time of change. With the aid of progressions in technology and social media, people are able to express their identity and their culture. Connecting with people around the world and realizing there is more to life than what you see on a daily basis is truly amazing. Milestones, such as the first black President of America, have been achieved, marking today's society as the most accommodating, united, and beautiful. However, we have concurrently been the most destructive. Due to our careless and egoistic actions, the seas are contaminated, sea levels are rising, and radical groups are proving huge threats in our life.
Our planet doesn't belong to a single species, but animals too; yet we have created a potential risk to the survival of our globe. It is easy to adopt the pessimistic approach and deny any possibility of a bright future- but whether you like the fact or not: if we contributed to the destruction, we must aid in the redemption. Every person in this world is a global citizen, but also has a unique background. By appreciating the culture of every individual, we can take a wider look at problems and solve them. The striking diversity we have allows us to bring the world to a new stage.
Last summer I went to Ethiopia, and one of the days I went to visit my aunt. She has an orphanage in her house, and when we visited I played with the orphans outside while my parents chatted with my aunt. There were 52 of them, as young as 1 and as old as 20. One of the girls asked me to help with her homework, and I remember using a tiny pencil which had obviously been sharpened so often that you could barely write. Others were sharing pens and having one exercise book for all subjects. When I asked, I heard that the biggest shortage in the orphanage is stationery. Since then, my sister and I have decided we would be raising money to provide a backpack full of stationery for each child. I was taking the values of generosity- which is of great importance in Ethiopia- and the western view that stationery is an essential, to create something good. Our efforts led to the solving of what they deemed to be an unsolvable problem. If we all work together and take the values and perceptions we have in a culture, we can unravel what we may deem to be the most challenging problems. Differences in culture are the most beautiful and enabling asset we have.


This last academic year has been one of the most critical in my life so far.
I have just finished Year 9 and looking back it was truly eye-opening sparked vivid aspirations for the future. I discovered a lot about myself and had the most amazing opportunity to travel to Korea in an unaccompanied school trip. This year I’ve also visited my home country of Ethiopia, discovered literary figures who mean so much to me, worked to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, visited old people’s homes weekly and even embarked on school investment games. It was my year of saying “yes”.
I have always been a “straight A” person- working really hard to fulfill my academic potential. But with extra-curricular opportunities, I would always think there’s going to be a “next time”.
One of the important decisions I had to make this year was choosing my IGCSEs. I had no clear career path and didn’t know exactly what subjects I excelled in. I pretty much enjoyed them all. I had no idea if I wanted to do law, medicine, business, etc. But during the IGCSE talks we would have, I spent many nights thinking and realizing the closeness of the future. Simply by being aware of the necessity of looking forward, I discovered my passion for languages and writing spoken word. This created confidence within me.
However, the one thing I have known ever since I was a child is that I wanted to make a difference. I was accustomed with the unfair fact that poverty exists, I visited Ethiopia and Eritrea when I was four years old and I always identified as an African, wanting to make a difference to my culture. In the future I want to own my own charity, and that is something I still want to do in the future. But that was a thing of the future, I couldn’t make the connection between aspirations and actions I can take now.  

Another life-changing event was the 3rd April 2016: take your daughter to work day. It was the day after submitting my IGCSEs. I travelled to Bloomberg alone, and I remember thinking during the train journey what I thought office life would be like. My cousin met me at the station, and walking through Morgate and seeing all the huge offices around me… it simply excited me for the future. Throughout the day I got to talk to people from different departments and everyone I spoke to were enthusiastic, fun, determined people. It was my first experience and truly inspiring. The day before our headmistress said that it was going to be one of the most important days of your secondary school life: I simply laughed, not believing it. But that day made my aspirations seem both tangible and achievable- I am so grateful for having received that experience. Bloomberg is an amazing company, interviewing people there and listening to their advice just made everything a reality. I can’t describe it, but simply: the ball dropped.
Just two days later, my exchange from South Korea arrived, and that again broadened my horizons further. At the end of the exchange, my friend wrote this, capturing the essence of the exchange perfectly.


"I just want to thank everyone who made my exchange so beautiful . Just a few weeks ago I had no concept of the eastern world , and now I am sitting in a room in Seoul with the broadest cultural knowledge I have ever had . Not only have I made a fantastic group of friends from all different countries across the globe , I have also opened my eyes to the horizons which stretch far and wide from the UK . I have seen how different societies function and why they function . I have seen how different schools operate and which ways are more effective . I have seen the American influences on eastern countries and I have even seen how the UK leaving the EU has had a domino effect on Korea . Our world is beautiful , our people our beautiful and our cultures our beautiful . I have realised that even though we may look different and have differing political views , we are all humans . We can all sit down and have a nice meal and interesting conversations , we can all comfort each other and read other people's emotions . My main message to everyone is , please don't put yourself in a bubble , broaden your horizons , take risks , take yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things because you never know what might become of it and who you might meet and what you might learn . Give everyone and everything a chance . And please please remember , we are the same and we all have feelings even if we don't have the same skin colour or the same nationality .
Thank you for everyone who gave me this opportunity : …
Thank you for making my past few months so special grace , even when we were apart by sending me daily messages . I will see you again soon . Goodbye for now , and only for now . And never forget that you have one of the most stunning cultures and countries !
I also want to thank my parents and the six other exchange partners who travelled with me and hosted us in Jeju . Please send my love to {everyone} and mulchat girls and all the wonderful , passionate and enthusiastic teachers who helped me see the bright side of education !
Thank you for changing my life ! Xxx
❤️The beauty of this world lies in the diversity of its people ❤️"