Humans are simultaneously the best thing and the worst thing that has happened to this planet. As a society, we have seen so much progression in fields such as women's education, increase in tolerance and aspirations for the future. We’re living in a time of change. With the aid of progressions in technology and social media, people are able to express their identity and their culture. Connecting with people around the world and realizing there is more to life than what you see on a daily basis is truly amazing. Milestones, such as the first black President of America, have been achieved, marking today's society as the most accommodating, united, and beautiful. However, we have concurrently been the most destructive. Due to our careless and egoistic actions, the seas are contaminated, sea levels are rising, and radical groups are proving huge threats in our life.
Our planet doesn't belong to a single species, but animals too; yet we have created a potential risk to the survival of our globe. It is easy to adopt the pessimistic approach and deny any possibility of a bright future- but whether you like the fact or not: if we contributed to the destruction, we must aid in the redemption. Every person in this world is a global citizen, but also has a unique background. By appreciating the culture of every individual, we can take a wider look at problems and solve them. The striking diversity we have allows us to bring the world to a new stage.
Last summer I went to Ethiopia, and one of the days I went to visit my aunt. She has an orphanage in her house, and when we visited I played with the orphans outside while my parents chatted with my aunt. There were 52 of them, as young as 1 and as old as 20. One of the girls asked me to help with her homework, and I remember using a tiny pencil which had obviously been sharpened so often that you could barely write. Others were sharing pens and having one exercise book for all subjects. When I asked, I heard that the biggest shortage in the orphanage is stationery. Since then, my sister and I have decided we would be raising money to provide a backpack full of stationery for each child. I was taking the values of generosity- which is of great importance in Ethiopia- and the western view that stationery is an essential, to create something good. Our efforts led to the solving of what they deemed to be an unsolvable problem. If we all work together and take the values and perceptions we have in a culture, we can unravel what we may deem to be the most challenging problems. Differences in culture are the most beautiful and enabling asset we have.

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